Package org.gudy.bouncycastle.asn1.x509

Support classes useful for encoding and processing X.509 certificates.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
AccessDescription The AccessDescription object.
AuthorityInformationAccess The AuthorityInformationAccess object.
AuthorityKeyIdentifier The AuthorityKeyIdentifier object.
CertificateList PKIX RFC-2459 The X.509 v2 CRL syntax is as follows.
CertificatePair This class helps to support crossCerfificatePairs in a LDAP directory according RFC 2587
CertPolicyId CertPolicyId, used in the CertificatePolicies and PolicyMappings X509V3 Extensions.
CRLNumber The CRLNumber object.
CRLReason The CRLReason enumeration.
DigestInfo The DigestInfo object.
DisplayText DisplayText class, used in CertificatePolicies X509 V3 extensions (in policy qualifiers).
DistributionPoint The DistributionPoint object.
DistributionPointName The DistributionPointName object.
ExtendedKeyUsage The extendedKeyUsage object.
GeneralName The GeneralName object.
GeneralSubtree Class for containing a restriction object subtrees in NameConstraints.
Holder The Holder object.
IetfAttrSyntax Implementation of IetfAttrSyntax as specified by RFC3281.
IssuingDistributionPoint IssuingDistributionPoint ::= SEQUENCE { distributionPoint [0] DistributionPointName OPTIONAL, onlyContainsUserCerts [1] BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE, onlyContainsCACerts [2] BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE, onlySomeReasons [3] ReasonFlags OPTIONAL, indirectCRL [4] BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE, onlyContainsAttributeCerts [5] BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE }
KeyPurposeId The KeyPurposeId object.
KeyUsage The KeyUsage object.
NoticeReference NoticeReference class, used in CertificatePolicies X509 V3 extensions (in policy qualifiers).
ObjectDigestInfo ObjectDigestInfo ASN.1 structure used in v2 attribute certificates.
PolicyMappings PolicyMappings V3 extension, described in RFC3280.
PolicyQualifierId PolicyQualifierId, used in the CertificatePolicies X509V3 extension.
PolicyQualifierInfo Policy qualifiers, used in the X509V3 CertificatePolicies extension.
PrivateKeyUsagePeriod PrivateKeyUsagePeriod ::= SEQUENCE { notBefore [0] GeneralizedTime OPTIONAL, notAfter [1] GeneralizedTime OPTIONAL }
ReasonFlags The ReasonFlags object.
RoleSyntax Implementation of the RoleSyntax object as specified by the RFC3281.
SubjectDirectoryAttributes This extension may contain further X.500 attributes of the subject.
SubjectKeyIdentifier The SubjectKeyIdentifier object.
SubjectPublicKeyInfo The object that contains the public key stored in a certficate.
Target Target structure used in target information extension for attribute certificates from RFC 3281.
TargetInformation Target information extension for attributes certificates according to RFC 3281.
Targets Targets structure used in target information extension for attribute certificates from RFC 3281.
TBSCertificateStructure The TBSCertificate object.
TBSCertList PKIX RFC-2459 - TBSCertList object.
UserNotice UserNotice class, used in CertificatePolicies X509 extensions (in policy qualifiers).
V1TBSCertificateGenerator Generator for Version 1 TBSCertificateStructures.
V2AttributeCertificateInfoGenerator Generator for Version 2 AttributeCertificateInfo
V2TBSCertListGenerator Generator for Version 2 TBSCertList structures.
V3TBSCertificateGenerator Generator for Version 3 TBSCertificateStructures.
X509CertificateStructure an X509Certificate structure.
X509DefaultEntryConverter The default converter for X509 DN entries when going from their string value to ASN.1 strings.
X509Extension an object for the elements in the X.509 V3 extension block.
X509ExtensionsGenerator Generator for X.509 extensions
X509Name RDNSequence ::= SEQUENCE OF RelativeDistinguishedName RelativeDistinguishedName ::= SET SIZE (1..MAX) OF AttributeTypeAndValue AttributeTypeAndValue ::= SEQUENCE { type OBJECT IDENTIFIER, value ANY }
X509NameEntryConverter It turns out that the number of standard ways the fields in a DN should be encoded into their ASN.1 counterparts is rapidly approaching the number of machines on the internet.
X509NameTokenizer class for breaking up an X500 Name into it's component tokens, ala java.util.StringTokenizer.

Package org.gudy.bouncycastle.asn1.x509 Description

Support classes useful for encoding and processing X.509 certificates.