Class CertificatePair

  extended by org.gudy.bouncycastle.asn1.ASN1Encodable
      extended by org.gudy.bouncycastle.asn1.x509.CertificatePair
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class CertificatePair
extends ASN1Encodable

This class helps to support crossCerfificatePairs in a LDAP directory according RFC 2587

       WITH SYNTAX   CertificatePair
       EQUALITY MATCHING RULE certificatePairExactMatch
       ID joint-iso-ccitt(2) ds(5) attributeType(4) crossCertificatePair(40)}
The forward elements of the crossCertificatePair attribute of a CA's directory entry shall be used to store all, except self-issued certificates issued to this CA. Optionally, the reverse elements of the crossCertificatePair attribute, of a CA's directory entry may contain a subset of certificates issued by this CA to other CAs. When both the forward and the reverse elements are present in a single attribute value, issuer name in one certificate shall match the subject name in the other and vice versa, and the subject public key in one certificate shall be capable of verifying the digital signature on the other certificate and vice versa. When a reverse element is present, the forward element value and the reverse element value need not be stored in the same attribute value; in other words, they can be stored in either a single attribute value or two attribute values.
       CertificatePair ::= SEQUENCE {
         forward        [0]    Certificate OPTIONAL,
         reverse        [1]    Certificate OPTIONAL,
         -- at least one of the pair shall be present -- } 

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
CertificatePair(X509CertificateStructure forward, X509CertificateStructure reverse)
          Constructor from a given details.
Method Summary
 X509CertificateStructure getForward()
static CertificatePair getInstance(java.lang.Object obj)
 X509CertificateStructure getReverse()
 DERObject toASN1Object()
          Produce an object suitable for an ASN1OutputStream.
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Constructor Detail


public CertificatePair(X509CertificateStructure forward,
                       X509CertificateStructure reverse)
Constructor from a given details.

forward - Certificates issued to this CA.
reverse - Certificates issued by this CA to other CAs.
Method Detail


public static CertificatePair getInstance(java.lang.Object obj)


public DERObject toASN1Object()
Produce an object suitable for an ASN1OutputStream.


       CertificatePair ::= SEQUENCE {
         forward        [0]    Certificate OPTIONAL,
         reverse        [1]    Certificate OPTIONAL,
         -- at least one of the pair shall be present -- }

Specified by:
toASN1Object in class ASN1Encodable
a DERObject


public X509CertificateStructure getForward()
Returns the forward.


public X509CertificateStructure getReverse()
Returns the reverse.