Package org.gudy.azureus2.ui.swt.plugins

Interface Summary
PluginUISWTSkinObject Don't use me :)
UISWTGraphic An SWT image to be used in Azureus
UISWTInputReceiver SWT-specific version of UIInputReciever, providing some additional methods to customise the appearance of the input receiver.
UISWTInstance Tools to manage a SWT Instance
UISWTParameterContext This is to be used in conjunction with the addUIParameter2 method - any plugin that wants to add a SWT object directly to a configuration section should create a parameter with an object that implements this interface.
UISWTStatusEntry This interface represents a status entry indicator in the status bar.
UISWTStatusEntryListener A listener object which is informed when a UISWTStatusEntry has been clicked on.
UISWTView Commands and Information about a SWT View
UISWTViewEvent A UI SWT View Event triggered by the UISWTViewEventListener
UISWTViewEventListener Listener to be triggered when an event related to a UISWTView takes place