Interface DownloadListener

All Known Implementing Classes:
DHTTrackerPlugin, DownloadEventNotifierImpl.DownloadNotifier, LocalTrackerPlugin, RunEverythingPlugin, TagPropertyConstraintHandler

public interface DownloadListener

A listener informed of changes to a Download's state and position

parg, TuxPaper (positionChanged)

Method Summary
 void positionChanged(Download download, int oldPosition, int newPosition)
          Position of download has changed.
 void stateChanged(Download download, int old_state, int new_state)
          The Download's state has changed.

Method Detail


void stateChanged(Download download,
                  int old_state,
                  int new_state)
The Download's state has changed. This is also triggered if the user toggles the Force Start on/off.


void positionChanged(Download download,
                     int oldPosition,
                     int newPosition)
Position of download has changed.

download - object in which the position has changed
oldPosition - position that the download used to be at
newPosition - position that the download is now at