Interface DownloadManagerListener

All Known Implementing Classes:
DownloadImpl, DownloadManagerAdapter, FilesView, GlobalManagerImpl, MyTorrentsSubView, MyTorrentsView, MyTorrentsView_Big, SBC_TorrentDetailsView

public interface DownloadManagerListener

parg [Paper 2004/01/12] Added DownloadManager parameter to calls. This allows for one listener object to listen to many DownloadManagers

Method Summary
 void completionChanged(DownloadManager manager, boolean bCompleted)
          Notification that the completion state has changed.
 void downloadComplete(DownloadManager manager)
          Notification that we were downloading and the download has completed
 void filePriorityChanged(DownloadManager download, DiskManagerFileInfo file)
 void positionChanged(DownloadManager download, int oldPosition, int newPosition)
 void stateChanged(DownloadManager manager, int state)

Method Detail


void stateChanged(DownloadManager manager,
                  int state)


void downloadComplete(DownloadManager manager)
Notification that we were downloading and the download has completed


void completionChanged(DownloadManager manager,
                       boolean bCompleted)
Notification that the completion state has changed. Tells you when we switched from Completed to Incompleted (or visa versa) Does not get called when diskManager goes into CHECKING, but does when it goes out of CHECKING, to avoid torrents jumping momentarily from Completed to Incompleted to Completed again.


void positionChanged(DownloadManager download,
                     int oldPosition,
                     int newPosition)


void filePriorityChanged(DownloadManager download,
                         DiskManagerFileInfo file)