Class StartStopRulesFPListener

  extended by com.aelitis.azureus.plugins.startstoprules.defaultplugin.StartStopRulesFPListener

public class StartStopRulesFPListener
extends java.lang.Object


Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean isFirstPriority(Download download, int numSeeds, int numPeers, java.lang.StringBuffer debug)
          This method should return true to force a download to be first priority.
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Constructor Detail


public StartStopRulesFPListener()
Method Detail


public boolean isFirstPriority(Download download,
                               int numSeeds,
                               int numPeers,
                               java.lang.StringBuffer debug)
This method should return true to force a download to be first priority. You can only use this listener to force downloads to be first priority - you can't force downloads not to be first priority - if you return false, then the other first priority settings and logic will be used to determine its status. Listeners will not be called for all downloads - the following checks may prevent listeners being called: - Non persistent downloads - STOPPED or ERROR state - Incomplete downloads This means that listeners don't have to do these basic checks. The StringBuffer argument is intended to output debug information about why the item is (or isn't) first priority. The item may be null if debugging is not enabled. It is not mandatory to log to the buffer.