Class KDF2BytesGenerator

  extended by org.gudy.bouncycastle.crypto.generators.BaseKDFBytesGenerator
      extended by org.gudy.bouncycastle.crypto.generators.KDF2BytesGenerator
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public class KDF2BytesGenerator
extends BaseKDFBytesGenerator

KFD2 generator for derived keys and ivs as defined by IEEE P1363a/ISO 18033
This implementation is based on IEEE P1363/ISO 18033.

Constructor Summary
KDF2BytesGenerator(Digest digest)
          Construct a KDF2 bytes generator.
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public KDF2BytesGenerator(Digest digest)
Construct a KDF2 bytes generator. Generates key material according to IEEE P1363 or ISO 18033 depending on the initialisation.

digest - the digest to be used as the source of derived keys.