Interface MenuItemListener

public interface MenuItemListener

A listener that is triggered when the user selects a menu item

parg (Original ContextMenuItemListener), tuxpaper (generic-izing and comments)

Method Summary
 void selected(MenuItem menu, java.lang.Object target)
          Menu item has been selected by the user.

Method Detail


void selected(MenuItem menu,
              java.lang.Object target)
Menu item has been selected by the user. Note - this method will be called when a "deselection" takes place, like if the MenuItem has STYLE_CHECK or STYLE_RADIO (where a previously selected item has been deselected because another item has been selected instead). Therefore, you should check the state of the MenuItem, rather than assuming that it has been "activated".

menu - Which menu item was selected
target - What this menu item applies to. For the default implementation, target is null. Implementing classes may provide an object related to the menu selection.

For table context menu items this will be TableRow[] of selected rows
For MenuManager.MENU_DOWNLOAD_CONTEXT this will be an array of Download